If you have an account with Xpressdocs, you no longer have to retrieve photos from our site when creating print materials on the Xpressdocs.com site. The still photos from all your Imagemaker360 virtual tours will be accessible through the Xpressdocs.com site, making the process a whole lot quicker and easier! There is no additional charge for accessing photos on the Xpressdocs site.

If you don’t have an account with Xpressdocs and would like to try out their services, you can sign up for free at Xpressdocs.com.

The Process

Once your virtual tour has been completed, log in to the Xpressdocs.com site and create your print pieces. To import photos, click on the “Retrieve” button, review, and select the photos you wish to incorporate onto the tour. Yes; it’s that easy!

Order Payment

Payment for Print orders is due at the time the order is placed, and payment is billed/received through Xpressdocs. Thus, for any print orders placed, you will need to provide your credit card information to Xpressdocs. Like Imagemaker360.com, the Xpressdocs.com site employs the best on-line encryption services.


Xpressdocs Help Desk:

You may either contact your local Imagemaker360 Provider, or you can contact Imagemaker360 Customer Service